Where the magic happens

It's the icing on the cake, the colour in the crayon box. Thornleys Productions is the place where we bring your ideas and concepts to life in the most impactful and creative way we possibly can. With real-time, state of the art editing suites, we are perfectly positioned to design and edit relevant and entertaining videos to suite any application. Be it in-house interviews or maybe a YouTube clip needed to expose you and your products online.

Thornleys Productions have both the creativity and expertise to make it happen. With an arsenal of HD camera equipment always prepped and ready, we are perpetually on standby to be onsite anywhere across the country, to capture whatever it is you require. From documentaries to corporate product catalogues, Green Screen interviews to on-site editing facilities, we can do just about anything.

What we can pull off

If your company needs a creative overhaul and you are looking for a dynamic and relevant medium in which to promote yourself, then this may just be for you. From content creation, to final editing, Thornleys Productions manage the entire process.
If you require your product to stand head and shoulders above the rest, then why not consider putting it up in lights. Thornleys Productions have edited countless individually themed product videos over the past 15 years, each with its own unique design and concept.
Many of our clients continue to ask us for Interview style videos. These go a long way to adding credibility to their messages and providing an informative and yet concise medium in which to convey important information. Thornleys Productions own all of our own equipment which means we are able to provide you as a client, faster turnaround times when it comes to polished and professional video content.
In order to remain professional, clients often require a Green Screen studio or AutoPrompt facilities. Thornleys Productions has it’s very own Green Screen Studio at our centrally located offices. It provides the option of scripting important speeches and ensuring a seamless delivery of content, whilst allowing the editing department the flexibility of adding in any background you could possibly imagine.
This is something rather special and affords you as a client the opportunity to take advantage of on-site and real-time editing of any footage taken during your event. Depending on the amount of content and the complexity of the edit, Thornleys Productions can produce videos that cater for your specific requirements.
Thornleys Productions has an invaluable tool many clients make use of when they need to film presenters, guest speakers, overseas key opinion leaders and the like. Why not “Conference Compile” both the slide pack and video feed together and then distribute it accordingly? With various layouts and branding opportunities, it’s perfect for getting your message out there.
With the world spirally into digital media, it's imperative that you keep up. More and more clients are asking Thornleys Productions to produce content for online media. Be it training videos, short thirty second impact clips or even the launch of your new App. Thornleys Productions are capable of doing all of the above and more!
If it's cost effective 3D logos and short animations that you need then don't go anywhere else. Our Cinema4D Package allows us to create stunning visual effects that bring life to your content.
Professional videos require professional voice over artists. Thornleys Productions offer a sound proof booth to record professional studio voice for any application. With a talent pool to pick from, just name the feel that you are after and we will book the artist right for you.
These are great for creating a little mystery and suspense for any upcoming conference! Why not give it a go for your next event.
Practice makes perfect! Real Rep is an invaluable tool that helps representatives practice their sales pitches. Thornleys Productions have the tools and know how to record a one on one role play session for instant feedback in your breakaway session.
This is an ideal solution to anybody who finds themselves short of not only a concept but also time. Thornleys Productions conveniently have what we like to call, The Pantry, and its stocked full of ready to use ideas, videos, backgrounds, fonts and anything else we feel may add to that specific theme. Just grab one off the shelf and you are ready to go! Click on the link below to see more.
Step into the pantry

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