Bridging the gap with Hybrid Events

70% of meeting professionals see Hybrid Events as “Important to the future of meetings.”

I’ve been asked by many people “What is a Hybrid Event?” Hybrid events are, quite simply, a combination of in-person and virtually streamed events that take place at the same time.

You take your standard in-person event, which we all know and love, and combine it with a virtual counterpart, which allows more people to attend globally. And because you are not limited to the venue capacity, this helps drive up not only attendance to your event , but also the ROI of the physical event.

We do this by firstly arranging all the in-person elements which include a venue, stage, lighting, content, entertainment, speakers, and of course an audience. We then include our professional camera crew who stream a feed out to attendees at any internet-accessible location on a virtually hosted platform.

Engagement is an essential part of any event and this is no different for Hybrid Events.

It’s what separates your event from just having a video uploaded on YouTube or any other hosting site for your audience to watch.

Through online platforms, on-site and off-site attendees can engage with the event that is taking place in real-time. There is technology available that can allow for them to meet and network together during the event. How cool is that!

A Hybrid Event is not…

  • A live webinar
  • Pre-recorded on-demand videos of a live event that has previously taken place

What a Hybrid Events is…

  • Integration of technology to facilitate participation between a live and a virtual audience
  • An experience that caters to all audiences in any location
  • An event that gives your audience the freedom to choose how to attend the event

Hybrid Events do require a different type of approach when compared to your typical “all-onsite” or “all-online” events. The good news is that we at Thornleys have the right tools and strategies, for either solution, so you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of this new and fresh approach to eventing. 

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