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When it comes to producing great content, setting up fantastic audio visual or organising amazing live events…
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It’s the icing on the cake, the colour in the crayon box.

Thornleys Productions is the place where we bring your ideas and concepts to life in the most impactful and creative way.

With real-time, state of the art editing suites, we are perfectly positioned to design and edit, creative, relevant and entertaining videos to suite any application.

Online webinars and live streaming, corporate video presentations, onsite filming and interviews, documentaries, and Green Screen video production are just a few of the many services that we offer in the video production space.

And with the online world beginning to fast-track virtual engagements, we also offer a number of 2D and 3D custom built virtual sets that begin to take the real and make it, Unreal!


This is where the takkie meets the tarmac! It’s the part of any event that you’ve got to get right first time and you need a competent, professional team who understands what it truly takes to stage an incredible event.

We feel that being involved from the outset allows us to understand an events technical objectives and what it is you as a valued client are looking to achieve.

Couple this with our eventing team and we are able to deliver an outstanding event that is both slick and professional, all the way down to the last cue.

Our Staging team offer a wealth of knowledge and creativity and with a world fast moving towards hybrid eventing solutions, our ability to have our Productions Team alongside our AV Team means that we offer you a holistic and comprehensive service to meet this new demand for connectivity.

eventing at IT'S BEST

This is the sharp edge of every event, the all encompassing solution that threads many of the complex elements together.

Without a holistic solution that manages the event from start to finish, things can quickly unravel and so it’s a critical service that ensures the success of any function.

The Thornleys management model is unique in that we have our own technical solution supported by our productions team working alongside our event management specialists to not only drive cost containment and ensure competitive pricing, but to ensure continuity and clear communication from these crucial services.

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